10" x 24" Logan Lathe
Fully Tooled!




Where to begin?
I have to sell my baby for I need a larger lathe for what I am now doing.
I have completely gone through this a few times in the 30 years I have had it and replaced every gear and bushing in the quick change gear box and the small shaft. Head stock spindle bearings were replaced although the old ones are fine and I kept them. Bushings on the counter shaft also replaced several years ago and all the gears and bushings on the side change gears were replaced that were bad then also. All parts were bought from Logan Actuator which is still making parts for these lathes.

The carriage ways were machined and carriage shimmed up with Garlock sheet bearing material. This is a smooth, accurate repair done by a professional. For what I was doing the tech said I didn't need to have the ways scraped as it was within .0025" through out the length of the bed as it was. Turning a .9" dia 3.7" long part is within .0001" and a .78" dia part within .0004" that is plenty good for anything I ever did and more than can be expected without going to a tool room lathe so I left it as is. If I were to use the tail stock to support the 4" of part hanging out I could get it back to the .0001"  .0002" diameter difference at both ends. Time to stop the bleeding as it already cost plenty to have the bed work done.

The last time I had it completely apart I cleaned up the paintable parts and painted them with Imron 2 part epoxy paint. This is very durable aircraft paint not your average cheep paint.

Known issues:
Counter shaft could use replacement as it is showing some wear but not too bad. I emery clothed it last week and was going to make another shaft but I didn't have a long enough piece of 3/4" drill rod so I just dressed it up. I will get around to making a new shaft if this is here for very long. It is a simple part to make and replace.
There are 2 gears that have a tooth missing but don't seem to effect the operation.  One is the small one on the cone pulley and is only used in back gear and the other is a large sprocket on a side gear which is only used when power feed is on and doesn't seem to matter being the size. A new gear is $150 if you want to get a new one from Logan. Not sure what the cost of the small cone pulley gear costs, I think it is around $75 from Logan.  If these gears were posing an issue I would of replaced them earlier but I am now looking for the P/N's to replace them anyway. I saw them on Ebay for $50 and $100 and the whole headstock for $150 and a cone pulley with gear for $100.
Tail stock was adapted to fit this size lathe from a smaller one. Not a big issue but it just isn't the correct part. As you can see it lines up very well. I saw the correct one for this size on Ebay for $75 plus $18 shipping and another one for $100.

What it has.


It is a 10"  43" long bed. The bed is from a 1943 model 200 series S/N# 17450 with 1.5" x 8 TPI nose. 25/32" through hole.
The Quick Change box is a model 1920 and basically new and was just installed last week. Over $1000 invested in all new gears and shaft.
Synthetic belt. $55
Rockwell motor
Little used lever collet closer from Logan that I bought new 10 years ago. Cost over $1000
Hand wheel collet closer
8  3c collets with spindle nose protector and collet adapter
Decent 3 jaw chuck over $350 many years ago
Atlas 6" 3 Jaw chuck.
8" 4 jaw chuck
3/4" 1.5"x 8 TPI Jacobs chuck for the spindle nose
2 back plates and 2 drive plates of some kind, one with a pulley
Steady rest
Follow rest
Bench motor rest adjuster. (not needed)
Taper Attachment that I have never used or installed. I think it is all there but don't know for sure.
DTM TP65A tool post and 4 Aloris AXA tool holders.  I paid over $650 for them. These are not cheap copy's
14.5 mm MT2 key chuck
3/8" MT2 Jacobs keyless chuck
26 and 12 position index plate. I was going to make a shaper to cut some splines but that project was put on hold for now.
MT2 dead center. Can't find my MT3 dead center.
Side gear cover. Can't be used with index plate or lever collet closer installed but it is there and can be used with hand wheel collet closer.
1" travel indicator
Adjustable carriage stop. Not a micrometer bed mounted stop
I have several new bushings that I bought but didn't install that weren't needed at that time.
Bench is made out of 1.75" solid Teak with one shelf. Shelf is reinforced. This is one nice solid bench!


 Everything on the shelf as well as anything on the lathe as pictured goes too.

These are some parts I just finished making out of 5" Dia 4340 steel.
I need to make a whole bunch of these 5" dia parts out of 4340 and although this lathe was able to make them, I need a 2 or 3 hp machine to be able to make them faster.  I was able to take .05" deep cuts on the radius but the feed rate was just too slow. .02" deep and I was able to cut them faster but still too slow over all being I had to remove 3.25" off the Dia for 2.63" long. Hence the need to sell my baby.

Currently under power and can be tested.



















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