Goldblatt Drywall Texture Machines

These are Goldblatt texture machines without the hoppers. I can include new in box hoppers with 3 tips for each hopper for an additional $35 each.

The one with a gray pump doesn't have as much Cfm as the white pump. They both work but I would buy rebuild kits for them if you plan to use them to their full potential. The white one needs a new intake filter as well. The pumps are made by Gast and are models 1065-P33A and P33C vane type. They are both powered by 1 hp 110v, 12 amp motors.

They sell new for over $700. Asking $75 for the gray one and $350 for the white one BOTH SOLD!.

Contact Ken at 303-905-8688  for the quickest most reliable response.